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2 Samuel 18:9-10,14b, 24-25a, 30–19:3/Psalm 86:1-6/Mark 5:21-43


Fear and misunderstanding can block the love and compassion that Our Blessed Lord wants to extend to the beloved, that is, to us. The Gospel tday is the account of the raising of Jairus’ daughter by Jesus. Sandwiched in the account is the healing of the woman with hemorrhaging. Jesus shows his compassion and love for both the family of Jairus and the woman. Both Jairus and the woman with the hemorrhages first acted out of belief in Jesus. They thought that Jesus might bring healing and new life into their lives. As things unfold, both change to a sense of fear. The woman is afraid when she realizes that she is healed and Jesus is asking who touched Him to be healed. Jairus and his household were afraid when they heard that the beloved daughter is dead, so that there would be no need for Jesus’ help.

The ruler and the woman: the ruler of the synagogue supported Jewish orthodoxy. He could have despised Jesus who befriended sinners. But he bravely approached Jesus as a last resort when all the doctors had failed, and his daughter was dying. Since the Jews believed that one was not actually dead until three days had passed after he stopped breathing, when word came that the child had died, the ruler showed courage and Faith in staying with Jesus, ignoring the ridicule of fellow-Jews. In the same way, the woman with the bleeding disease was ritually unclean, and she was not supposed to appear in public. She had the courage and Faith to ignore a social and religious taboo in order to approach and touch the garment of Jesus from behind. Both the ruler’s child and the sick woman were brought back to life and to the community.

As Christians: When things seem darkest in our lives, then we to trust God the most High. Fear and misunderstanding must be replaced with belief that the Lord Jesus and His Father are all-loving and compassionate. Jesus accepts us as we are. Hence, we need not wait until we have the correct motive and strong Faith to bring our problems before Jesus. Let us bring before him our bodily and mental wounds and ask for his healing touch today.

In the healing process as recorded today, Jesus first reassures the healed woman that her faith has led to her healing. He was not upset that she sought healing from touching His clothing. He did not want to cause fear in her, but He wants to be able to speak and be in relationship with this woman of faith. Jesus then speaks to Jairus wanting Jairus to realize that the dread of his daughter’s supposed death can work against the faith necessary to bring the girl new life. Looking at what happened Realize that in our own life, there have been times when we have not had enough faith. We sometimes become fearful that things would not work out. I had become worried over issues which were, in the long run, not that critical. Let us focus on good lives; focus on tofus compassion and love. The question is, are you afraid of touching Jesus? What problems or needs have you got to tell Jesus? Submit your issues before the Lord and he will do it for you.

God bless you


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