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13TH JULY 2022


Our reflection will be based on our first reading which is from Isaiah chapter10:

From our readings over the last few weeks we have listened to various prophets exhorting, teaching and warming the people of Israel particularly on the need to keep and honour the covenant between them and their God. Unfortunately they have consistently ignored and rubbished the warnings. The prophets have threatened divine judgement and punishment over the people would they fail to repent.

Now the punishment is imminent and inevitable!

M our today's first reading prophet Isaiah explains how the divine judgement has been unleashed!

Assyria - a super power in those days has captured Israel and taken them into captivity. They'll be there for 40 years as captives!

However, Assyrians were not sent by God but have fulfilled the prophecies of the prophets of God.

From here we learn a few things:

- God can use the wickedness and carnality Roman to further His will. God is totally justified in judging 'the very wickedness and carnality that he used. Assyria is not justified in punishing Israel (though they have fulfilled God's punishment upon his people).

- over the Bible several stories tell of narratives where God transformed punishments into moments of grace: Joseph was sold by his brothers to Egyptians but God transformed that to a moment of saving Israel; Saul sinned against David but God used it for his purpose to elevate David ; Judas betrayed Jesus but God used it for his purpose to save mankind.

Let us not be surprised when we see God use very unexpected persons or events to fulfill his divine plan.

Let us set ourselves free to our Lord that he may use us as vessels of his grace to humanity


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