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6TH APRIL 2022


These days, we have been reading the eighth chapter of John. There is a strong discussion between Jesus and the doctors of the Law. Jesus puts them in a corner by showing them their contradictions.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus told the unbelieving Jews that it was through faith and obedience to His teachings that would make them His disciples, enjoying true freedom. Jesus explained to them that true freedom is from submitting their hearts and wills to God their Father, through His Son Jesus.

They claimed they had always kept the Faith of Abraham their father. Jesus plainly told them that they were slaves of sin and the devil because they not only refuse to accept Him as the Son of God and obey His words but also were planning to kill Him.

But speaking of His identity, Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in Him: “If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples” (Jn 8:31). The invitation is to remain in the Lord. He does not say, “Study well, or learn the arguments well”. Instead, He goes to the most important thing; “Remain in my word.” Those who remain in the word of Jesus identify themselves with Him.

Christian identity is not a card that says; "I am a Christian,". Instead, it’s called discipleship. You will be a disciple if you remain in the Lord's Word, and in His life. You will be someone who follows Jesus as a Man who performs so much charity, and who is so kind. Discipleship is the genuine identity of a Christian.

Discipleship is what will set us free (cf. Jn 8:32). Because whoever remains in the Lord, is a free disciple of Jesus. What does it mean to stay in the Lord's presence? It's all about letting the Holy Spirit lead us. The disciple accepts the Holy Spirit to lead him or her. As a result, the disciple is always a follower of tradition who can also accept innovation. He is no longer a slave. Never subjected to ideologies or ideas that can be debated in the Christian life. He hasn't changed his mind about the Lord. The disciples are inspired by the Holy Spirit. We inform the Holy Spirit that He is a visitor of the soul, that He lives in us when we sing to him. This is correct, but only to a point.May the Lord grant us the grace to recognize this insight, to stay in Him, and to recognize acquaintance with the Spirit–the Holy Spirit is the source of our freedom. This is a laying on of hands. Those who stay with the Lord are called disciples, and the disciple is anointed with the Holy Spirit. The one who has received the Spirit's anointing carries it forward and permits it to bear fruit. This is the route that Jesus demonstrates for both freedom and life. The anointing that people who remain in the Lord get is called discipleship.


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