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Faith without works is Dead

James 2:14-24.26, Psms 112, Mark:34-9:1

So then, as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without actions is deadJames2:26

• In our first reading today (James 2:14-24.26) the old debate about faith and works surfaces. Which is more important; faith or works? James says we do not live by faith alone. Faith is the basis of our beliefs, and to that extent it is most elementary. Good works, however, are faith in action. Without them, the faith we have is not vibrant. It is dead.

• One of the biggest problems with Christianity is that, there are many that profess the Christian faith, but do nothing or very little to prove their faith. There are many Christians who don’t behave and act in the ways that a Christian should.

• Saying that we have faith is something that easily flows from our lips, but just because we are able to utter these words doesn’t mean that we possess a genuine faith. The truth of the matter is that we are capable of saying many things, but words are cheap and what really count are our actions.

• To say that I am a Christian is not enough. To say that I am a catholic is not enough. To say that I am a member of CWA/CMA/Youth/Choir/..Group is not enough. Our Christianity, our catholic membership, our membership in CWA/CMA/Youth..Group has to be accompanied by action.

• It’s extremely important to understand that our faith must be accompanied by works. What works am I

referring to; love, charity, forgiveness, faithfulness, patience, understanding, among others.

• In Matthew 15:8 we read: “…These people draw near to me with their mouth, and honour me with their lips, but their heart is far from me…”

• Abraham’s faith was accompanied by works. I say this because Abraham obeyed God, and he was willing to give God the very best that he could give Him. (Genesis 22:9-10)

• Let’s never forget that faith without works will not serve to edify the church, but rather to discredit God.

• Why are works so important? Our works and our behaviour is what tell the world that we Catholics, that we are members of CWA/CMA/YOUTH Group among others.

• If our faith is not accompanied by works, then we can’t say that we have a genuine faith. Just like we need both hands to clap, salvation also needs both faith and works.

• Faith and works go together and complement each other. They are as inseparable as breath and the body. Faith is basic; not verbal faith, but active faith. If faith is truly active faith, it will contain many good works within it. In essence they are one and the same.

Let your light shine before men.”

Matthew 5:16


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