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OLRCP ANNOUNCEMENTS. 21st January 2024

1.         Today, we have Holy Childhood 2nd collection. This is a worldwide appeal for needy Children, especially orphans. 

2.       Fr. will visit the sick and the elderly on Friday 26th January 2024, starting from 9.00am. Kindly register at the tent outside the Church.

3.        The CWA group will hold their monthly meeting today after the 10.00 am Mass at St. Joseph hall.  kindly purpose to attend. 

4.       The CMA Formation Classes are ongoing. The classes takes place every Sunday after the 10.00am Mass at the Assumption Hall.

5.        The Young Catholic Adults Group (YCA) will hold their monthly meeting today Sunday 21st January 2024 after the 10 am at the Immaculate conception Hall (Aula Santa Maria). The group is open to both single and married couples between the ages of 27 and 35. Persons in this age bracket are requested to attend the monthly meetings for registration. 

6.        The Youth Board will conduct Registration for the Missionary Youth Movement (MYM), children aged between 14yrs and 18yrs. Forms will be sent to the Parents WhatsApp Forum.

7.        The Youth Serving Christ(YSC) will hold their Annual Opening Mass on Sunday, 28th January 2024 at Karura Outstation at 7am. All YSC Members are requested to attend.

8.        Recital of the Holy Rosary continues in the church daily at 6.30am on Weekdays, 7.00am on Saturdays and 7.30am on Sundays.

9.        Fr Michael Mungai who was with us briefly until November last year is inviting all the Christians of Our Lady of Rosary Parish- Ridgeways to join him as he thanks God and celebrates the 40th anniversary of his priestly ordination on Saturday 27th January 2024 here in the Church from 10am. All are welcome.

10.    Next Sunday 28th January 2024 being the last Sunday of the month, there will be Children’s confession downstairs immediately after the 10.00am Mass.

11.    Next Sunday 28th January 2024, we will have a guest speaker during all Masses to share some insights on Stress Management. We are all encouraged to be in attendance. 

12.    Week of prayer for christian unity is celebrated between 18/1/2024-25/1/2025. During this time Christian are requested to come together for prayers and fellowship to express their faith in Jesus Christ who unites them. PCEA Evergreen church are the host for this years gathering which will be on Wednesday 24/1/2024 from 6pm to 7:30pm we request that we Catholics gather at PCEA Evergreen church for the ecumenical Prayers.

13.    Marriage Banns: for the Second time. We announce marriage between Charles Bbaale Mayiga and Nabagereka Sonia Elizabeth. Charles is son to Charles Peter Mayiga and Margaret Mayiga. Sonia Elizabeth is daughter to Peter James Kasirye and Lilian Mutengu Naigaga.

Should there be any reason that the above should not wed, do not hesitate to consult the Father In Charge.

Next Sunday’s Mass Animation

1st Mass:        Bible Study group

2nd Mass       St. Monica SCC

v 3rd Mass:      Young Catholic Adults (YCA).


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