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9th January 2022

1. Every first and second Sunday of the month, we usually offer our tithe to the Lord. Today being the Second Sunday, You are invited to offer your tithe by putting your Tithe envelope in the lockable tithe boxes fixed on the pillars. Our Parish Tithe Mpesa Pay bill No. is 867165.

2. Our Parish Calendar is out, kindly get yourself a copy from the Parish tent at a cost of Kshs. 200.

3. Fr. will visit the sick and the elderly on Tuesday, 11th January 2022, starting 9.00am. Kindly register at the Parish Tent

4. Ordination Banns:

For the First Time. His Grace, Bishop Philip Anyolo, announces ordination to priesthood of Rev. Deacon Bonface Mburu Kimani, son of Peter Kimani Mburu and Teresiah Mwihaki, if anyone knows any reason as to why this candidate should not be ordained, make it to known to Fr. In charge as soon as possible.

5. Marriage Banns: for the First time. We announce marriage between Ezekiel Mwaniki and Emmah Wanjiru. Ezekiel is son to Michael Mungai Muhuhu and Ruth Wanjiru Mungai. Emmah is daughter to Joseph Kamau Mungai and Sabinah Wangechi Kamau.

6. Marriage Banns: for the First time. We announce marriage between William Ndegwa and Praise Wangui. William is son to Simon Gakuo and Gladys Wanjira. Praise is daughter to James Mutte Wachira and Julia Wanjiru Mutte

7. Marriage Banns: for the First time. We announce marriage between Anthony Wanyoike Waithira and Gladys Thogora Karugu. Anthony is son to Teresiah Waithira Wanyoike. Gladys is daughter to Karugu Nyuguto and Salome Wambui.

Should there be any reason that the above should not wed, do not hesitate to consult the Father In Charge.

Next Sunday’s Mass Animation

1st Mass: St. Joseph SCC

2nd Mass: Charismatic Group

3rd mass: Senior Youth

8. We are all encouraged to observe the Covid protocols as advised by the government.

We acknowledge all those who have joined us today for the first time, Welcome to our Parish.


Our Parish Sadaka Mpesa Pay bill No. is 684456

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