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OLRCP Announcements.

19th June 2022

1. We shall have a second collection next Sunday, 26/6/2022, known as St. Peter’s pence. This is a world wide appeal to assist the Holy Father in his works as a universal pastor.

2. The Parish Senior Youth (Youth Serving Christ) will be celebrating Environment Month on 25th June at Muringa outstation. Among the activities of the day will be environment awareness and tree planting. In this regard they will be selling T-Shirts at 1000/- today at the Parish tent. Kindly support the Senior Youth (Youth Serving Christ as we continue to make the world a better place to live in.

3. The Charismatic group has organized a one day retreat on 7th July 2022 here at our Parish. The program will begin at 1.00pm and end at 5pm. All are invited to Attend.

4. Mass for St. Faustina Small Christian Community is on Tuesday, 21/06/2022, at 6.30pm.

5. Mass for St. Bridgit daughters of Christ is on Friday, 24/06/2022, at 4.00pm.

6. Mass for St. Francis of Assisi Small Christian Community is on Friday, 24/06/2022, at 7.00pm.

7. Mass for Jose Maria Escriva is on Saturday, 25/06/2022, at 10.00am

8. Marriage Banns: for the Second time. We announce marriage between Fred Gitaari Mbiu and Hiruni Nelumika. Fred is son to James Mbiu Kimani and Gladys Wambere Mbiu. Hiruni is daughter to Albert George Hettiaratchy and Genevieve Deedika Hettiaratchy.

9. Marriage Banns: for the Third time. We announce marriage between Adrian David Ntwatwa and Sandra Waihuni. Adrian is son to Ssentamu John Chrysostom and SSentamu Annie Nassuna. Sandra is daughter to James Gichuhi Wachira and Triza Wamangu Warukira.

Should there be any reason that the above should not wed, do not hesitate to consult the Father In Charge.

Next Sunday’s Mass Animation

1st Mass: St. Joseph the worker SCC

2nd Mass: St. Peter the Rock SCC

3rd mass: Bible Study Group


Groups Chaplaincy:

The Fr in Charge would like to notify you of some changes in the parish chaplaincies as follows:

1. CMA, Choir, PMC, Marriage Encounter and Bible study. – Fr. Murira

2. CWA, Charismatic Group, Divine Mercy, Liturgical Committee, Marriage Bookings and Premarital Counselling - Fr. Silferius

3. Catechesis, Youth group, Couples For Christ and St. Bridgit Daughters for Christ. – Fr. Michuki

Our Parish Sadaka Mpesa Pay bill No. is 684456


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