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6th November 2022

1. Every first and second Sunday of the month, we usually offer our tithe to the Lord. Today being the first Sunday, You are invited to make your offering, by bringing your tithe envelops to the Sanctuary for blessings. Our Parish Tithe Mpesa Pay bill No. is 867165. Choir gives us an offertory song.

2. The month of November is dedicated for prayers for the souls of all our departed faithful. Christians are therefore encouraged to pray, perform works of mercy, do penance and book Mass intentions for the salvation of their souls.

Kindly pick form/envelop marked “Departed Faithful” from the Church pillars, write the names of the departed faithful, put your offering and drop them in the “Departed Faithful” box at the sanctuary. (You can also can use the Mpesa Paybill No. 684456).

3. According to our Parish renewal programme, this month we pray for the Renewal of our vision in heaven, All Saints and All souls.

4. Our Parish Magazine is out, kindly get yourself a copy at a cost of Kshs. 200.

5. Formation class one (1) for CWA will begin on 8th January 2023. Kindly register at the Parish Tent or the Parish Office.

6. Registration for new CMA formation class is ongoing, kindly register at the Tent outside, or at the Parish Office during the week. All men who have not yet joined C.M.A are invited to register.

7. Infant Baptism will take place on Saturday, 19th November 2022, at 10.00am. It will be preceded by Baptismal classes for the parents and god parents on Saturday, 12th November 2022, at 2.00pm at St. Maria Hall. Registration is ongoing at the Parish Office. Deadline for submission of the forms is today, 6th November 2022.

8. The Youth Serving Christ (senior youth) will have their recollection day on Saturday, 12th November 2022 here at the parish, the theme of the day will be, “living through tough times’’.

9. Caritas will hold their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 20th November 2022, after the 10.00am Mass at the Assumption hall. All registered members are encouraged to attend.

10. Rochar Travel & Tours are organizing a Pilgrimage to Holy Land on 25 April 2023 - 3rd May 2023. For more information contact: Charles Muyira on 0725179991

11. Fr. will visit the sick and the elderly on Thursday 10th November 2022, starting 9.00am. Kindly register at the tent outside the Church.

12. Mass for St. Augustine Small Christian Community will be on Wednesday, 09/11/2022, at 7.00pm.

13. Mass for St. Monica Small Christian Community will be on Wednesday, 09/11/2022, at 7.00pm

14. Mass for St. Claire Small Christian Community will be on Wednesday, 09/11/2022, at 7.00pm

15. Mass for St. Ann Small Christian Community will be on Thursday, 10/11/2022, at 7.00pm.

16. Mass for St. Raphael the Archangel Small Christian Community will be on Saturday, 12/11/2022, at 4.00pm.

17. Marriage Banns: for the Second time. We announce marriage between Joseph Githinji and Christine Ndila Mutiso. Joseph is son to Waringu Machua and Teresia Wangare. Christine is daughter to Francis Mutiso and Veronica Mutiso.

18. Marriage Banns: for the Second time. We announce marriage between Charles Benedict Mwongela and Faith Karei Lyria. Charles is son to Christine Kanario and the late Benedict Karau. Faith is daughter to the late Bernard Lyria and the late Mary Nkatha.

19. Marriage Banns: for the Second time. We announce marriage between George Guara and Peris Wambui Nyutu. George is son to Stephen Kimani and Agnes Wanini. Peris is daughter to Joseph Nyutu Kamau and Alice Njoki Ngugi.

Should there be any reason that the above should not wed, do not hesitate to consult the Father In Charge.

Next Sunday’s Mass Animation

1st Mass: St. Faustina SCC

2nd Mass: St. Claire SCC

3rd Mass: St. Francis SCC

Rehearsal are mandatory every Saturday at 4.00pm.


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