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30th April 2023

1. As was announced last Sunday, today is Vocation Sunday. We shall have a second collection. The Collection assists in the formation of Priests and religious particularly in the Mission Lands. Choir please gives us an offertory hymn.

2. The Fr in Charge would like to meet the newly elected Moderators, Treasurers and secretaries of all the Small Christian Communities; and the Moderators of the major groups namely; CMA, CWA, PMC board, Youth Board, Divine Mercy, St Bridget, Charismatic, Bible study, Couples for Christ, Marriage Encounter, coming Sunday (7th May 2023) after the 8.00 am Mass in Assumption Hall.

3. May is the month of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We are all encouraged to pray Rosary at our homes, Small Christian communities and as individuals.

4. Every First and Second Sunday of the month, we normally offer our tithe to the Lord. Next Sunday, 7th May 2023, will be the first Tithe Sunday, we will present our tithe at the Sanctuary for blessings. Tithe envelopes are available at the tithe boxes at the Church pillars and at the Church Tent. Our Parish Tithe Mpesa Paybill Number is 867165.

5. Friday 5th May 2023, is the 1st Friday of the month, we will have Eucharistic Adoration and Sacred Heart of Jesus Devotion starting at 6.00 am followed by Holy Mass at 7.00am and confessions after Mass.

6. Tomorrow Monday, 1st May 2023 is a public Holiday. Mass will be at 8.00am.

7. Fr. will visit the sick and the elderly on Tuesday, 2nd May 2023, starting 9.00am. Kindly register at the Parish Tent.

8. The Missionary Youth Movement (MYM) - this is the church group for persons between 14 and 18 years of age) will be having their Mass at St. Joseph Hall every Sunday. We request parents with these children to register them at the parish tent.

9. Marriage Banns: for the Second time. We announce marriage between Abed Kivanga and Susan Wambui. Abed is son Esther Mumbua and the late Dominic Kamunzyu. Susan is daughter to Peris Wambui and the Late Isaiah Njuguna.

Should there be any reason that the above should not wed, do not hesitate to consult the Father In Charge.

10. Mass for Blessed Irene SCC will be on Tuesday 02/05/2023, at 7.00 pm.

11. Mass for St. Claire SCC will be on Wednesday 03/05/2023, at 7.00pm.

12. Mass for Charismatic Renewal group will be on Thursday 04/05/2023, at 7.00pm

13. Mass for St. Peter the Rock SCC will be on Thursday 04/05/2023, at 7.00pm

14. Mass for St. Ephrem Choir will be on Thursday 04/05/2023, at 6.30pm

Next Sunday’s Mass Animation

​ 1st Mass: St. Michael the Archangel SCC

​ 2nd Mass St. Peter the Rock SCC

​ 3rd Mass: Blessed Irene SCC


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1. May is the month of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We are all encouraged to pray the Rosary at our homes, in our Small Christian communities and as individuals. 2. Infant baptism will take place on Satur


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