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8th May 2021


Acts 16:1-10

Psalms 100

John 15:18-21

  • Jesus is giving us a warning in today’s Gospel when he says, “If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first. If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you.” John 15:18-20. What does Jesus mean when he says “the world?” The “world” in Scripture refers to that society of People who are hostile towards God and opposed to His will. When Jesus talks of persecutions also, He was referring to sufferings and persecutions His disciples would undergo at the hands of Jews and Romans in proclaiming His teachings.

  • Suffering is part of Christian living. In Baptism we entered into a union with Jesus Christ. In our relationship with Jesus there are good times and bad times. Tribulations in our relationship with Jesus, is an indicator that, we are faithful to Him and His Gospel. We should be fully aware that consistent fidelity to the Gospel entails rejection, isolation and persecution. There might be tranquility by conforming ourselves to the criteria of the world but there is more joy in faithfully living the Gospel.

  • As disciples of Jesus, we do not belong to the world, because by virtue of our baptism, Jesus took us out of the world, “..but I chose you from this world, and you do not belong to it..” John 15:19. We are now bearers of the word of God and we stand in opposition to the world.

  • As friends of Jesus, sharing in his life and mission, we should feel privileged to have a share also of his suffering. The values we preach and live are not of this world. We shall face opposition, every now and then, because we are called to identify with Jesus by virtue of our call rather than conforming ourselves to the world.

  • When we have problems in our life, we are quick to ask God, “Why me?,” but we should also ask the same question in regard to our blessings. We take for granted 100 days of perfect health, and then grumble about one day of pains. How often do we say, “Why me?” as we count our blessings? Rather than feeling sad about what we don’t have, doesn’t it make more sense to feel happy for everything we do have?

  • May we pray, not for an easy life, but rather, that we may become stronger persons in facing challenges of life and bring out the best that God has put in us.


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