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Friday of the 3rd Week in Ordinary Time

Hebrews 10:32-39,

Psalm 37,

Mark 4:26-34 In today’s Gospel, Jesus narrates two brief stories which take place every day in the life of all of us: the story of ‘the seed that grows by itself’(Mark 4:26-29) and the story of ‘the small mustard seed which grows into the biggest shrub’ (Mark 4:30- 34).

- The story of the growing seed narrates how a man plants Corn seeds and then goes about his businesses, only to come back for the harvest, without knowing how the seed sprouted and grew. The seed continues to grow alone. - In the story of the mustard Seed, Jesus comparers the Kingdom of God with the mustard seed, the smallest seed in the world which when it is planted, grows up and becomes the biggest of all plants.

These stories carries some important lessons for us;

1. The seed of the Kingdom of God is sown in the preaching of Jesus and it continues to grow through us - His followers even now. The effect of it may not be visible immediately to the naked eyes, but it takes place without us noticing. Every day the Christian faith is growing, our Diocese is growing, our Parish is growing, our Small Christian communities are growing, our Church Groups are growing, but without us noticing, for that is the hidden nature of the kingdom of God.

2. This growth of faith happens due to the Work of the Lord. God sees to it that the seeds of faith that are sowed produce harvest in the course of time. It is a reminder about the primacy of divine grace and the silent way salvation is achieved.

3. Even if our work of evangelization in our Parish or in whichever Faith-Group we belong to, looks insignificant in our eyes, the Spirit makes the outcome immensely significant. Continue making your contribution to the growth of faith even if your participation looks insignificant for now.

4. A farmer waits for seed to sprout and grow before harvesting. Patient waiting in life is a very important aspect. The mustard seed takes time to grow. Personal growth in spiritual life calls for time, effort and perseverance.

5. Two seeds; two attitudes; Faith and hope. The sower is not worried about the outcome of his sowing. The seed continues to grow, as it is scattered. He knows that by worrying the seed will not grow faster. The growth is sure and definite. Sometimes we spend much of our time worrying about the outcome of our actions even before we can do them. Consequently, we do not put ourselves fully into the action. At other times we do not act but worry.

For those who do have faith and hope, to them belongs the future. Their ventures; be they evangelical, business oriented, education oriented, family oriented or carrier oriented, they will always bear fruits.

Though our actions – in our personal lives, within our families or even within our Parish - may look insignificant, they are already making a great impact even without noticing. We should not be disappointed that no dramatic impact is found in response to our work of evangelization. God will ensure that our efforts produce harvest in the course of time, for small beginnings have always great endings.


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