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21st October 2021


ROMANS 6:19-23

PSALM 1:1-6

LUKE 12:49-53

Today's Psalm says, " Blessed is the man who follows not the counsel of the wicked but whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who ponders his law day and night. "

If you follow it means, there is a path you have chosen or a way to pass through.

In the normal sense of life, there are many different paths or ways that one can follow. For example, we have tarmacked roads that are smooth and fast.

Such roads are preferred by many people. Some roads are full of potholes making movement a hectic experience and such roads are not liked by many drivers and travellers.

In the biblical sense, the phrase, " to follow a path" does not connote a physical way that enables you to move from point A to B but indicates the choices one makes in life. For example, in Mark 10:46-52, a blind beggar called Bartimaeus after being healed by Jesus decides to follow him on the road.

It is not just a physical road but Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem to suffer and die meaning that Bartimaus has gained a full vision about the identity and mission and courageously follows him in his endeavor.

In Mark 10:17-30, Jesus tells the rich man, " You only lack one thing; go sell what you have, and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven, and come follow me. "

The rich man walks away sad, unable to follow Jesus, meaning he does not agree with the way of life that Jesus espouses.

Today's Psalm urges us that the best way to follow is the way that ponders on the law of the Lord day and night and this way or path of pondering on the law of the Lord day and night brings blessing or happiness meaning that if you follow any other way there will be no blessing.

This blessing does not mean material prosperity but it is about the happiness that you get when the law of God guides your ways; we can call it spiritual thriving.

Let us not forget that this way or path of choosing to ponder on the law of the Lord day and night brings happiness and this happiness is not doing what you want to do according to your ideas but it is about doing what is actually right.

What happens to your car when you drive it on a road full of holes and big stones? It will get damaged and that is a disadvantage but when you avoid such a road, you feel happy.

When you avoid a poorly lit road and follow a well lit one at night you gain confidence that no one will harm you. The lights give you confidence; pondering on the law of the Lord day and night protects you from unrighteousness and gives you confidence that you are guided on the right way to follow.

The word law means teaching, instruction or God's will in the broadest sense. This path or way that brings happiness is not a mechanical process of following a set of rules for which one is rewarded as the rich man thought in Mark 10:17-31. What then is it?

It is a dynamic process that involves and requires constant meditation day and night upon God's will in order to discern and understand what God would have us do in any and every situation.

What path have you chosen? What way of life are you eager to follow?


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