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28TH APRIL 2022

ACTS 5:27-33

PSALM 34:2.9.17-20

JOHN 3:31-36

In Today’s First Reading, the apostles were doing what they

believed they were commissioned by Jesus to do. Let us

remember that Jesus told them, as recorded in Luke 24:45-48

that they are witnesses of His suffering and resurrection, and

that in His name the message of repentance and of the

forgiveness of sins must be preached to all nations.

Unfortunately, this conflicted with what others believed and


In this particular instance, the witness the apostles gave

conflicted with the idea of the Jewish leadership in

Jerusalem. The authorities tell them, “We strictly charged

you not to teach in this name, yet here you have filled

Jerusalem with your teaching and you intend to bring this

man’s blood upon us.”

It is clear that the authorities do not want them to mention

the name of Jesus but the disciples still mention it.

Have you ever found yourself in such a situation? You

sincerely want to engage yourself in a faith related issue but

circumstances seem to be against you.

Here, Peter and the other apostles sincerely want to give or

to bear witness to the fact that Jesus died and rose from

death and is seated at God’s right hand to offer repentance

and forgiveness of sins but opposition from the high priest

and his council stand in their way.

How many times have you believed that you should love,

forgive, repent, help others, speak the truth, speak out

against injustice or offer others opportunity for growth but

other people seem to be against what you want to do?

Initially, the disciples of Jesus never understood His teachings

and mission including His suffering, death and resurrection to

the point of deserting Him, betraying Him and denying Him.

But the apostles now talk in a manner that shows that they

now believe in what they earlier on never believed in. They

are now acting in conviction and it is their conviction that

acts as an impetus for them to do what they believed in.

Spiritually and in other spheres of life, we need conviction to

be able to do and say things that are worthy. All endeavors

that lack conviction are without substance and are bound to

fail, no wonder Paul writes to Timothy, “I have done my best

in the race, I have run the full distance and I have kept the faith and now there is a victory prize waiting for me.” 2

Timothy 4:7-8

These are words of somebody talking out of conviction. The

word conviction comes from a Latin root meaning

overcoming or conquering. What have the apostles

conquered? They have conquered their past unstable life.

Conviction is not about simply projecting our own desires

and prejudices.

Conviction is not about serving our interests. It is about

believing in and accomplishing what is true and positive; it is

about promoting freedom rather than confinement,

repentance and forgiveness rather than murder and revenge

and just like the apostles witnessed to all these, we the

church today, are also called to live in this conviction.

What are you convinced about, and what are you doing

about it. Conviction is action oriented because it shows who

you are and what you believe in and what you are made of

and where your allegiance lies.


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