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Today we celebrate the Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome. This is the oldest Basilica of the Western Church. The mother of all the western churches. The western church is under Rome. We are under the western church. We celebrate this dedication of the church from her we drive our faith. We have every right to be glad since our faith draws us closer to God. May we thank God for such a great gift.

In the readings of today we are reminded of the the truth that the Church is Christ’s Body and she lives today just like it was in the past. Whether we worship in magnificent great huge structures or in the simplest of buildings, the church remains the body of Christ. This is why in the Gospel of today, Jesus got angry and drove those doing unfitting business in the temple, overturning the money changers tables as He rebuked them. Seeing Jesus in that mood may be quite a scene. Just used anger to express His displeasure on what was going on in the temple.

Many people see anger as evil. However, anger, like any other emotions, in itself is not evil, what is evil could be the outcome. Jesus showed his displeasure on the way the temple was being misused. He used that emotion to challenge the wrong unlawful behavior.

Today we are called to look at the way I treat the physical structure of God and also to reflect on the way I treat my body as the temple of Christ. Will the way I treat the place of God, both the my body and the structure lead Jesus to drive me out?


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